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$165 for 50 minute session
We provide a safe and accepting space to get to know you and to understand how you would like to change and grow. The counseling process is personally tailored, multifaceted and highly collaborative, and may include a focus on coping with anxiety and depression, dealing with stress, navigating life decisions and transitions, enhancing health and wellbeing, and establishing greater joy and purpose.


$165 for 50 minute session; $250 for 90 minute session
Our compassionate couple’s therapy provides a safe place for you to share your feelings, recognize challenges, and identify what more you want from your relationship. We help couples to work collaboratively to bring about positive, lasting changes that enhance communication, trust, intimacy, understanding, and mutual growth and wellbeing. Our approach is practical and brief. Empowerment for change will begin in the first few sessions, and therapy typically lasts between 3 to 5 months.


$165 for 50 minute session
Being a student (undergraduate/graduate) presents unique challenges--academic pressure and anxiety, life and career decisions, exploring relationship possibilities, forming a strong sense of self, and dealing with the uncertainty of a quickly changing world. Our therapy helps students to cope with academic stress, to feel more positive and hopeful, to develop their strengths and resources, and to engage fully in their lives.


$165 for a 50 minute session
Youth today are faced by a complex and demanding world—it's no wonder that so many teens struggle with anxiety and depression, engage in risky behaviors, or are defiant and uncommunicative. We work with teens to help them to: reduce stress, cope with anxiety and depression, deal with academic pressure, develop more effective work strategies, improve their self-esteem, and to foster hope and motivation for their future.


$165 for 50 minute session; $250 for 90 minute session
We help families to clarify what is causing distress and conflict, to share their thoughts and feelings with honesty and mutual respect, and to come up with concrete action steps that benefit all family members.

what we can help with

  • Life transitions
  • Depression
  • Relationship problems
  • Anxiety
  • Career challenges and direction
  • Academic pressure and concerns
  • Fear of failure
  • Finding greater purpose
  • Procrastination
  • Coping tools
  • Teen issues
  • Communication skills
  • Job burnout
  • Stress and life balance
  • Greater health and wellbeing
  • Meaningful retirement
  • Family conflict and transitions