Fail Fast, Fail Often: Creating a Life of Passionate Action! Free workshop for Colorado teens (grades 10 -12)

Signup Link: Postponed

Due to uncertainty around COVID, not enough students enrolled for the workshop to proceed on February 27. The workshop will be rescheduled in the spring (TBA) and students who have already registered will be notified and given first priority.

Drawing from scholarship in innovation, entrepreneurship, and positive psychology, this workshop will show you how to follow your interests and take action, even though you may be unsure of your plans, feel stuck in a rut, or apprehensive of failure. You will learn to: trust your enthusiasm and allow it to guide you; break free from habitual behaviors and initiate new adventures; act boldly with minimal preparation; and leverage your strengths for rapid change. Workshop sessions include discussions, demonstrations videos, and the opportunity to interact with the instructor and work in small groups to form personal action plans.

This workshop is based on the popular class I created and taught at Stanford University and later adapted for teens at the Stanford Online High School. I'm offering the workshop for free to Colorado high school students as a means to get to know local teens and their parents.

Workshop cost: Free for Colorado teens, grades 10 - 12.

Workshop date/time: The 2-hour workshop has been postponed and will be offered in the spring.

Location: The workshop will be offered in-person in Boulder.

About Ryan Babineaux, PhD, LPCC

Ryan Babineaux is a thought leader in the field of personal and career development, whose work has been featured in the New York Times,, The Atlantic, GQ Magazine, and NPR. He is the co-author of the best-selling book Fail Fast, Fail Often: How Losing Can Help You Win, and creator of the popular Stanford University course of the same name. Ryan is the founder and lead therapist at the Boulder Therapy Center, where he works with professionals, couples and teens.