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Our goal is to provide a safe and accepting space to understand how you would like to change and grow, and to help you take steps towards a life of greater joy and meaning. The counseling process is multifaceted and highly collaborative. It may include:

• Clarifying your values and desired future·
• Developing tools to cope with stress and anxiety
• Reframing challenges as opportunities for learning and growth
• Enhancing your ability to share your feelings and communicate with others
• Deepening your relationships
• Becoming more accepting and compassionate
• Engaging in practical steps to initiate change
• Establishing a sustaining sense of meaning and purpose
• Improving your health and wellbeing.


We take the time to get to know you, understand your perspective, and support you in the specific challenges you face. We recognize that people are unique, and we tailor our therapy to the needs of each individual.


Traditional talk therapy can get bogged down looking at the past. We focus on what’s happening in your life now and empower you to build upon your strengths to bring about immediate change.

Evidence based

We employ therapeutic methods that have been shown to be effective for a wide range of mental health issues. Our approach is grounded in the cognitive behavioral therapy, broadened with insights drawn from from the humanistic and psychodynamic traditions.



Ph.D. Educational Psychology, Stanford University
M.Ed. Psychology and Human Development, Harvard University
M.S. Mental Health Counseling, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Ryan's passion is for helping people to lead more vibrant and purposeful lives. As a therapist, he is compassionate, warm, and practical. He enjoys taking the time to understand and appreciate his clients, while empowering them with modern tools to bring rapid change to their lives.

Drawing from practices in innovation, positive psychology, and behavioral science, Ryan has developed simple yet powerful techniques to help people change and grow. He is the author of the best-selling book Fail Fast, Fail Often: how losing can help you win, an Oprah editor's choice selection, and his work has been featured in the New York Times, NPR, The Atlantic, GQ, Forbes, and Success Magazine. Ryan has studied and collaborated with a number of leaders in the field of human development, including Howard Gardener, the creator of the theory of multiple intelligences, William Damon, a leading scholar of life purpose, and John Krumboltz, a legendary therapist and founder of the Stanford Counseling program. Ryan created and taught the popular Stanford University course "Do It Anyway! Creating a life of passionate action," and has led experiential workshops at Esalen. He has been practicing Buddhism for over 25 years and has served as an adjunct professor in the Naropa University contemplative psychology program.

As the founder of a technology company while in graduate school, Ryan has an appreciation for the creativity, passion and stresses associated with technical fields and startups. He has been an invited speaker on innovation at the US State Department, has served as a CEO coach at the Boomtown business accelerator, and has broad experience working with technical founders, engineers, product designers, and executives.

Ryan has also created wellness and personal development programs for teens that have been taught at the Stanford Online Highschool and other California public schools. He enjoys helping teens to flourish amidst their high-stress, complex lives.